Five Compelling Reasons to Brush

Five Compelling Reasons to Brush

As you’ll hear often when visiting your orthodontist in Wilsonville, Oregon, brushing your teeth makes a significant difference when it comes to protecting not only your long-term oral health, but also in determining the success of your orthodontic treatment. If you want to enjoy a great looking and functional smile now and into the future, brushing daily makes a lot of sense.

So what happens if you don’t decide to brush every day? Well if you’ve ever wondered the answer to that question, we have you covered. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you really need to make brushing at least twice a day a lifetime habit.

Improving Your Smile

For patients with braces, brushing after every meal makes a significant difference when it comes to protecting the health of your teeth and your braces. The food you eat can easily become stuck underneath the wires and brackets of your braces. If left in place, these food particles can contribute to tooth decay and the permanent discoloration of your teeth.

Brushing and flossing after each meal helps to remove food from your braces. This allows your teeth to remain healthy and will keep your orthodontic treatment on schedule.

Keeping Your Breath Fresh

Not only does food particles that remain after eating contribute to tooth decay and discoloration, it also contributes to chronic bad breath. As the food remains stuck to your teeth, braces, and along the gum line, it slowly begins to decay. And if you’ve ever walked by a full dumpster you know what decaying food can smell like.

When your breath goes from fresh to funky, it can cause you to feel self-conscious and start to avoid social situations where your bad breath could be the source of some serious embarrassment. Since chewing breath mints and gum are a no-go while wearing braces, do yourself a favor and brush so your breath smells its best.

Preventing Gum Disease

Our mouths contain millions of strands of bacteria; most good, some bad. When we don’t brush, we allow harmful bacteria to form into a sticky film called plaque that covers the surface of our teeth. Plaque uses the foods we consume to produce a harmful substance that slowly erodes away tooth enamel – causing cavities to develop – and irritates gum tissue. Over time, this irritation causes our gums to become inflamed, which leads to the development of gum disease.

Studies have found that individual’s suffering from gum disease have a significantly higher risk of developing a variety of serious illness that include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. Fortunately, you can lower your risk for these and other disease – while also improving the health of your teeth and gums – by brushing daily.

Removing Yellow Stains

When plaque sticks onto your teeth, it can have a pretty big impact on the color of your teeth. Everyone wants a brighter, whiter smile. Nothing helps to boost your confidence more than a straighter smile that also brilliantly white. Unfortunately, failing to brush means your teeth won’t look their best as plaque that isn’t scrubbed away turns into tartar, a yellowish substance that stains your teeth and can only be removed during a professional cleaning.

Saves You Money

It’s far more expensive to correct a problem than to prevent it from ever developing. By taking the time to properly brush and floss every day, you can help reduce the need for expensive dental procedures in the future that are needed to correct the damage caused by tooth decay and gum disease, among many other common oral health issues.

You’ve already decided to make the investment of orthodontic treatment. Don’t you think it makes sense to protect the investment – along with the health of your teeth – by taking the time to brush properly?

Your orthodontist in Wilsonville, Oregon wants to see every patient have a successful treatment that leaves them with an outstanding new smile. But that means staying committed to practicing the best oral health habits now and in the future.

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