How to Get Your Child Excited About Wearing Braces

How to Get Your Child Excited About Wearing Braces

If you’re a parent of a kid who need braces in Tillamook, OR, our staff at Senestraro Family Orthodontics understands that breaking the news to your little one might seem like quite the challenge. Kids respond differently when it comes to getting braces. For some, the idea is exciting as it’s just one more step in becoming a grownup. Others feel frightened by the idea of having an orthodontist poke around inside their now metal mouths.

While parents – especially those who wore braces themselves when younger – understand the long-term benefits of orthodontic treatment, trying to convince a child that wearing braces is worth the trouble can be tricky. Fortunately, most kids adapt quickly to wearing braces, and the time of their treatment flies right by. To help make the transition an easier one for your kids, here are a few ways you can discuss getting braces with your child that will help him or her become more excited.

Talk About the Fun of Getting to Choose Their Rubber Band Color

Kids tend to get excited whenever they get to make a decision about something on their own. Kids generally love to make decisions because it makes them feel grownup, and this is likely also true when it comes to deciding on the color of their braces. Talk with your child about being able to choose different colored rubber bans for their brackets each time that he goes in for an appointment. With a wide selection of available colors, his choices will almost seem endless. Your child will love that he or she can choose seasonal colors for different holidays, and it will make the experience of wearing braces that much more enjoyable.

Go Shopping Together to Pick Out Some of the Foods They Can Have

Immediately following the placement of your child’s braces, her teeth and gums are going to be a little sore. Because of this tenderness – which will only last for a few days – Dr. Senestraro will recommend she only eat foods that won’t over stimulate her sore teeth and cause pain to her gums. Before your child has her braces placed, go on a shopping trip to store and pick out some of your child’s favorite soft foods together. You can let your child select her favorite type of soup, pasts, yogurt, or smoothie, as well as some more tasty treats like ice cream or soft cookies. While not all of these food will be the healthiest of choices, it’s nice to reward your child for her bravery by letting her pick out what she wants to eat.

Show Off the Results of Braces

While it’s easy to tell your child all about the advantages of getting braces, it’s far harder to get him to picture the final results. By showing your child before and after picture of other kids who wore braces, you can provide your child with a real visualization of just how great his teeth will look once the treatment is complete. This is going to be especially beneficial if your child feels insecure about their teeth currently because he realizes that he’s going to enjoy a great looking smile once his treatment is complete.

Getting your child excited about wearing braces in Tillamook, OR may seem like a challenge, but by offering the chance for your child to make a few important decisions and showing what type of great looking smile she will enjoy, you can turn that frown of doubt upside down.

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