Introducing the iTero Digital Scanner

Introducing the iTero Digital Scanner

As a preferred Invisalign Wilsonville provider, our team at Senestraro Family Orthodontics strives to provide our patients with the most advanced orthodontic care possible. Dr. Senestraro’s continued commitment to utilizing the latest and most advanced orthodontic techniques and technology helps to ensure that every patient receives the healthier, better looking smile they deserve.

It is with our patients’ care in mind that we’re excited to announce the addition of the iTero Element Intraoral Scanner to our Wilsonville orthodontist office.

A cutting-edge scanner, iTero technology will help to further enhance the Invisalign experience for our patients by eliminating the need for impressions and by enabling Dr. Senestraro to create an even better fit for Invisalign aligners.

No More Impressions Means Improved Patient Comfort

Traditional dental impressions require the use of a putty that is placed over patients’ teeth and left to dry. In addition to the mess traditional impressions usually create, the process can also trigger a gag reflex in some patients, making this the most uncomfortable part of the Invisalign fitting process.

Now, with the use of the iTero scanner, Dr. Senestraro can create a digitally accurate impression of a patient’s teeth without the need for any invasive procedure that could cause any discomfort.

Not only does the iTero scanner make getting fitted for Invisalign aligners easier than ever, it also creates a more accurate impression of a patient’s teeth compared to traditional impressions. A 2011 study even found that patients had seven times fewer issues with aligner fit when they were created using an iTero compared to traditional impressions.

This high level of accuracy also helps to minimize the chance patients may need to make a second visit our Wilsonville orthodontist office to have an impression retaken.

A Great Looking Smile in Less Time

The iTero digital scanner is linked to software that creates a custom treatment plan for patients. This sophisticated simulator works to predict the movement of a patient’s teeth at specific intervals during the treatment process. By creating a precise virtual map of a patient’s teeth throughout the treatment process, the iTero scanner can help to even slightly reduce the overall time the patient will need to wear aligners.

Digital impressions also mean that Dr. Senestraro doesn’t need to ship anything to the lab to begin the process of creating a patient’s Invisalign aligners.

With a simple click of a few buttons, Dr. Senestraro can email your impression to the lab, thereby decreasing the amount of time it takes before a patient can begin the treatment process.

However, possibly the most exciting part of using iTero is the ability for Dr. Senestraro to provide patients with a glimpse of what the future will hold.

The iTero scanner helps to power the Invisalign Outcome Simulator, which enables patients to visualize how their teeth will look once their orthodontic treatment is complete.

Successfully completing orthodontic treatment requires patients to work hard at maintaining their oral health, orthodontic appliance, and positive attitudes. Getting a glimpse at the healthier, more attractive smile they have coming can be all the incentive some patients need to stay on schedule and successfully complete their treatment.

Why wait to get the healthier, better looking smile you’ve always wanted. As a preferred Invisalign Wilsonville provider, our team at Senestraro Family Orthodontics can help you achieve the smile you deserve.

Contact our office today to schedule your Invisalign consultation.

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