New Patients

New Patients

Starting Your Orthodontic Treatment

Patients starting orthodontic treatment generally experience emotions that range from nervous and excited to curious and a little scared. Getting braces ranks as a major investment in both time and money, but the outstanding results provided by Dr. Seth and our staff at Senestraro Family Orthodontics will leave patients looking and feeling their best after the completion of their individualized treatment plan. Whether you are an adult wanting a straighter smile, or a parent looking at options for best Woodstock and Southeast Portland orthodontics has to offer for your kids, you can feel assured that you will only receive the best, most advanced care possible.

What to Expect

Your orthodontic treatment will begin with a free exam and an in-depth consultation and with Dr. Seth where the current state of your orthodontic needs will be assessed. After carefully reviewing the state of your oral health, Dr. Seth will examine all records and exam notes provided by your general dentist as he designs your individualized treatment plan with and a treatment coordinator. During this important initial step, the doctor will carefully weigh all relevant information to create a customized treatment plan that will result in a great-looking, perfectly functioning smile. Dr. Seth will also coordinate with your general dentist and any other necessary specialists to confirm your oral health can handle the required treatment. Successful collaboration with all of a patient’s oral health care providers ranks as a vital step in ensuring the best treatment experience possible.

Reviewing Your Customized Plan

During your follow-up visit, patients will meet with both Dr. Seth and our treatment coordinator to review your customized plan, answer any questions you may have about the treatment process and provide detailed instructions on the best practices for caring for your teeth and braces throughout the course of your care. Once you feel comfortable about the treatment plan, we will put your braces on!

Our office also utilizes heat-activated nickel-titanium alloy wires. As these flexible wires warm up in the mouth, they continuously apply gentle pressure, which makes treatment more comfortable and less stressful than ever before!

Once all of the brackets have been placed, wires tightened and you’ve been given instructions on the correct way to care for your braces at home, you’re all finished! The entire consultation and placement process takes less than an hour! Come experience for yourself why Senestraro Family Orthodontics is the best option for braces in Wilsonville, Oregon or Sherwood, Oregon.

Regular Follow-Up Appointments

Because correcting a smile requires continuous attention, you’ll need to schedule adjustment appointments about once every six weeks. We will make every effort to schedule appointments during times that fit into your busy schedule. We understand that “life happens,” so let us know if you are running late or need to reschedule, and we will do everything we can to accommodate you!

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