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3M Brackets
Portland, OR

Teenage girl smiling with braces from Senestraro Family Orthodontics in Portland OR 97206-6150We provide a large range of options in orthodontic care. Some vary in aesthetic, some in design, but with all, we strive to provide our patients with the best care specific to their needs. 3M offers a style of metal bracket which are smaller in size than traditional brackets for braces but are still just as strong. Known as mini braces, we are happy to show you the difference that 3M braces can make. During consultation, we will evaluate your bite and then discuss your options with you, a smaller bracket may be just the right orthodontic appliance to make your time with braces easier.

Brackets are the device that we place on your teeth that then has a wire fed through them for guided movement of your teeth. They work great for their purpose, but they do come with some frustrations. Many patients complain that traditional braces are imposing, visually unappealing, and make it difficult to chew and clean. The 3M mini bracket design provides patients the benefit of being smaller, that means:
•  Less Noticeable: Though they are still metal, smaller brackets mean more of the tooth is exposed, the bracket takes up less surface area making them less overwhelming to your smile.
•  Low Profile: Besides being smaller in size, the 3M bracket is smaller in profile, meaning it is smaller in depth. Patients have found this attribute to contribute to less soft tissue damage, their lips and cheeks are less likely to snag a sharp edge and get cut.
•  Easier To Clean: Smaller brackets make it easier to keep food debris, plaque, and bacteria out of the bracket, this is because there is less to catch on. Keeping your braces clean is a huge hassle for the wearer, especially on younger patients who don’t particularly like clean their teeth to begin with.

Why get braces?

Braces can be expensive and uncomfortable; many patients wonder why they need them in the first place? Orthodontic care is the guided movement of teeth to improve your bite, which in turn also improves how your teeth look, function, and their overall health.

There are many bite issues that can be corrected through the application of braces directed by an orthodontist like Dr. Seth Senestraro including:
•  Malocclusion: Sometimes referred to as a bad bite, a malocclusion is a term we use to reference teeth that are out of alignment. This can include an overbite, and underbite, a crossbite, an anterior bite and more.
•  Impacted Teeth: Teeth that are impacted are also a type of malocclusion but instead of teeth that are out of alignment, it refers to teeth that are unable to erupt or fully erupt. This may be due to inadequate spacing, the positioning of the tooth or neighboring teeth being out of alignment.
•  Congenital Defects: A patient may have an extra tooth or a missing tooth, this disruption can affect the patient’s bite and how their jaw comes together.

We invite you to schedule an appointment today and learn about the latest in orthodontic care, including 3M metal braces and 3M clarity brackets, otherwise known as mini braces. We think you will be impressed!

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3M or mini braces offer smaller metal brackets for braces but are still just as strong as traditional braces. Call Senestraro Family Orthodontics in Woodstock!
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