Emergency Care

Emergency Care

In the rare event that you are experiencing severe pain,

you can reach a team member after hours at 707-407-7050.

While orthodontic emergencies rarely occur, the staff at Senestraro Family Orthodontics will be here to assist you should something develop that requires immediate care. Fortunately, patients can temporarily fix many common orthodontic problems themselves until their next appointment. If a piece of your appliance becomes loose and you can successfully remove it, place the detached piece in a clean plastic bag or envelope and bring it along to your next appointment. You can place soft wax over sharp or pointy edges that irritate your gums, cheek or tongue to help reduce any discomfort. A pair of disinfected needle-nosed pliers can slide a wire back into position where you can reattach it to the tube located on your back tooth.

The Guide to Handling Orthodontic Emergencies will help you manage most issues with your braces.

Even after alleviating any discomfort you may be experiencing, patients still need to schedule an immediate appointment to have the issue addressed permanently. Neglecting to have your orthodontic appliance repaired for an extended period of time could delay or disrupt your treatment plan.

Schedule An Appointment or Download Our Handling Orthodontic Emergencies PDF