If you’re looking for braces in  Woodstock, Wilsonville, Sherwood, or Tillamook, then the orthodontic specialists at Senestraro Family Orthodontics are here to provide the outstanding care you need to rejuvenate your smile. We understand that a lot of our patients have questions about orthodontic treatment they need answered before deciding if braces are right for them and their family. In order to better understand what orthodontics can mean for the health of you and your family, here are a few answers to some commonly asked questions.

The health of your teeth matter more than just to the appearance of your smile. Patients who suffer from crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth have a harder time practicing quality oral hygiene. Without treatment, orthodontic problems can cause tooth decay, gum disease, speech impediments, digestive issues, tooth loss, and other health concerns that can negatively impact the overall quality of life.

Your teeth, oral health, and even facial structure are all permanently changed through orthodontic treatment. Considering the importance this type of care has on your long- and short-term health, it’s vital that you receive care from a specialist who understands how to properly complete your treatment. Dr. Seth has received extensive specialized training that allows him to provide his patients with the type of quality individualized care needed to ensure a healthy, great-looking smile.

One of the most common misconceptions regarding orthodontic care is that braces are only for straightening teeth. Treatment also works to correct a misaligned bite that causes a patient discomfort, or that could contribute to the development of an eating or speech disorder. A healthy bite will help to eliminate any discomfort you may experience while also preventing other oral health problems that may develop in later years. It also helps to prevent excessive wear that can occur when teeth don’t correctly align.

While orthodontic treatment can begin at any age once a patient’s permanent teeth have developed, the American Association of Orthodontists recommend that parents have their kids undergo an evaluation no later than the age of 7. At this age, Dr. Senestraro can spot any signs of potential development problems and provide treatment before more serious complications manifest.

Absolutely not! More and more adults are finally getting the healthier, better-looking smiles they’ve always wanted by undergoing orthodontic treatment. From ceramic braces to Invisalign, advances in orthodontics have made it easier than ever for adults to get the care they need quickly, affordably, and discreetly.

The cost for care varies depending on the type of treatment a patient receives. Today, most dental insurance policies include orthodontic benefits, making getting braces more affordable today than ever before.

During your initial orthodontic consultation, Dr. Senestraro will perform an examination and take all necessary x-rays to allow him to make a complete diagnosis. Dr. Senestraro will then discuss the type of treatment that is necessary and answer any questions you may have. During the consultation you will find out:

  • What, if any, orthodontic problem exists that needs treating
  • What needs to be done to correct the problem
  • Whether any permanent teeth will need to be removed during treatment
  • Approximately how long the treatment will take to complete
  • Approximately how much the treatment will cost

The time needed to complete orthodontic treatment varies on a patient-by-patient basis. A number of independent factors can influence treatment times, including the age of the patient, severity of the orthodontic problems being treated, and the type of orthodontics being used in the treatment.