Children, Teens, Adults

Children, Teens, Adults

Orthodontics For Kids

Just as everyone has his or her own unique orthodontic needs, the age at which a child needs braces varies. However, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends that every child should have an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. During this age of a child’s oral health development, he or she will have developed a mix of both permanent and baby teeth, which makes for the ideal time to evaluate the current growth pattern, tooth positions, bite placement and available space for the development of the remaining adult teeth. The earlier Dr. Seth can spot a potential orthodontic problem, the more quickly and effectively the problem can be treated, which can help avoid future complications that may require surgery or tooth extraction to correct later in life.

As part of your child’s orthodontic evaluation, Dr. Seth will examine the development and dental growth to determine if early intervention is necessary to protect the child’s long-term oral health. Dr. Seth will also advise parents on the best time for their child to begin orthodontic treatment should a correction prove necessary. Most kids in this age group will need to be reevaluated as their oral health continues to develop. During this observation period, as one of the best orthodontist for kids SE Portland, Woodstock, Sherwood, Tillamook, and Wilsonville has to offer, Dr. Seth provides patients complimentary follow-up exams once every six months.

Orthodontics For Teens

Wearing braces is often associated with early adolescence because this is the optimal age for a child to begin orthodontic treatment. By the age of 12, most children have lost all their remaining baby teeth, and the majority of their permanent teeth have fully erupted. Dr. Seth can easily diagnose bite, space and crowding problems during this age, all of which are unlikely to improve on their own without treatment. Teens are often far more comfortable with the idea of getting braces, as many of their friends have begun treatment of their own.

As parents forced to shop for new clothes every few weeks know too well, teens grow incredibly fast. Fortunately, this type of rapid growth also affects the movement rate of a teen’s teeth. Dr. Seth utilizes this rapid growth to quickly correct misaligned teeth and bites, so teens can complete their orthodontic treatment in less time.

The foundation for a lifetime of good dental health, orthodontic treatment will provide your teen with a beautiful smile, better self-confidence and ability to reach his or her full potential.

Orthodontics For Adults

Despite what you might think, braces are no longer just a childhood rite of passage. In fact, over 25 percent of all orthodontic patients nationwide are adults. Adult braces can not only provide you with the smile you’ve always wanted, but they can also provide a boost to your self-confidence and self-esteem needed to achieve your personal and professional goals. Crowded teeth and bite problems also increase your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and jaw problems. Not only can orthodontic treatment give you a beautiful smile, but proper teeth alignment can also drastically improve overall oral health!

Invisalign and ceramic (clear) braces make excellent options for adults who prefer a more discreet way to complete their orthodontic treatment. A GoldPlus Invisalign Provider, Dr. Seth has the experience and knowledge needed to be your choice for clear braces in Southeast Portland, Wilsonville, Sherwood, Woodstock, and Tillamook!