If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you have likely heard a lot of options about how to deal with it. There are many things to consider, such as the severity of your sleep apnea, and your comfort level in what you choose to wear while sleeping. Let’s look at a couple of the options.

A Support Brace for Those with Sleep Apnea

The point of wearing a small back brace when you have sleep apnea is to help keep you off of your back while sleeping. Laying on your side can help reduce snoring and apnea. A common design for these braces is a block of foam, wrapped in a comfortable material. The foam part is placed horizontally on your back, then with the strap attached to the block, it is wrapped around your torso until snug and comfortable, holding the foam block in place. If you try to turn to your back while sleeping, it will be uncomfortable, therefore forcing you to sleep on your side. And of course, side sleeping is a better option when you have sleep apnea.

A Mouth Guard for Sleep Apnea

With the proper mouth guard, breathing can improve while sleeping, therefore lessening the effects of sleep apnea. A mouth guard suited for sleep apnea is plastic, and must be perfectly fitted for your mouth, by your dentist. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and a mouth guard has been recommended, your next step is to have the mouth guard fitted by a dentist. At our office, we take sleep apnea seriously, and the importance of our role in taking care of your health. Call us today for a consultation, and to get you on the road to a restful, healthy, good night’s sleep.