Wearing an extra-oral appliance, such as night gear, is something that can prove to be a challenge for some patients, as the orthodontic aid is worn, besides braces, on the outside on the head. However, you may have options to headgear or night gear if you do not want to use this type of aid in your orthodontic care.

Other Alternatives

Headgear or night gear is often used to correct overbites or underbites considered severe. This traditional treatment approach still proves to be helpful for correcting malocclusions that affect normal dentition. Therefore, headgear helps immensely in orthodontic anchorage, or providing resistance to unwanted tooth movement. According to the British Dental Journal, any loss of anchorage can have a detrimental impact on orthodontic treatment. Besides headgear, the use of mid-palatal implants have also proven to be helpful in treating problems with malocclusion and for supporting orthodontic anchorage. Therefore, the use of temporary implants can replace the use of headgear for many of our patients.

Using Implants to Realign the Jaw

Today, some patients can forego wearing night gear or head gear by having implants placed instead. Just like headgear, the implants assist in either holding back the jaw or pulling it forward so an under-developed jaw can grow properly or a misalignment can be corrected. The goal of using implants or headgear is to correct a bite issue. However, if the implants cannot support the work of the braces, we may still have to suggest the patient wear night gear. This is especially true in cases of severe crowding. Nevertheless, you can still opt for a no-headgear approach with an appliance, such as a Herbst extraoral aid. Used for correcting overbites, the Herbst appliance can be customized and inserted inside the mouth so it is not readily seen. Usually, the treatment is followed by placing braces or Invisalign therapy.You do have orthodontic options, especially with today’s innovations in orthodontics. If you would learn more about these treatments, give us a call today. Schedule an appointment for an orthodontic consultation and exam now.