Do apparent gaps in your front teeth cause you to feel self-conscious? If so, you can have your smile adjusted so you will feel easier about smiling.

Why Gaps Usually Develop in the Front Teeth

Tooth development and positioning are affected by the frenulum. The frenulum is a type of connective tissue. The frenulum inside the mouth guides the growth of the oral structure and assists in positioning the teeth. One of 2 types of frenulum can lead to gapped teeth. The maxillary labial frenulum attaches the top lip to the front upper gum. If this frenulum is positioned too low on the gum, it can cause a gap in the maxilla or upper jaw teeth. The lingual frenulum is where the tongue attaches to the bottom of the mouth. A restrictive lingual frenulum can keep the tongue from going past the lips, a condition called tongue-tie. In severe cases, the condition can cause the lower front teeth to become gapped. Other reasons for gaps include extra teeth or crowding, a larger jaw size, or missing teeth.

Why Gaps Should Be Fixed

Gaps can lead to cosmetic concerns, alignment or bite issues, or problems with oral hygiene. While you can fix gaps in the front teeth in one of various ways, it is usually best to repair gaps orthodontically.

Orthodontic Treatments for Gapped Teeth

Gaps in the front teeth can be fixed by a surgery called a frenectomy. During this procedure, the frenulum causing the gap is removed. Typically, we will treat the teeth orthodontically after the surgery. We may also treat gaps in the front teeth with removable appliances, such as orthodontic aligners and plates. This type of orthodontic hardware can correct minor gaps gradually and move the teeth closer together. In addition, braces may also be used to fix gapped teeth. We will use the braces to fix the gaps as well as other alignment issues. Braces are often suggested for children with gapped teeth. Do you have a problem with gapped teeth? If so, we can help you close any gap and improve your smile. Give us a call today to obtain further details and information.