If you want that beautiful and straight smile, then placing braces is an essential step in the right direction. You may be worried about damage to your teeth, but rest assured that the process is safe as long as you adhere to actions that promote good oral hygiene.

Preventative Actions

The process of placing braces is not harmful; a non-hazardous glue is placed on your teeth to bind the brackets, and It is easily removed once it is time to have your braces removed. Throughout the journey of having your braces on is when it is necessary for you to do everything that you can to promote good oral hygiene. Gingivitis and tooth decay are two potential side effects of braces, however, there are a few things that you can do to significantly reduce or eliminate your probability of getting them. Gingivitis is caused by bacteria biofilms on your teeth, which is significantly more likely to occur if you have braces; it can be a drag to clean in between your brackets and floss regularly, but it will save you from the unwanted consequences of letting that bacteria conquer your mouth. Tooth decay, is similarly the result of bacteria biofilms building-up on your teeth; this bacteria produces acid when it breaks down the sugars left on your teeth from eating and drinking, which then corrode the enamel on your teeth.If you take all the necessary precautions, such as thoroughly cleaning your teeth and flossing every day, then your chances of developing tooth decay and gingivitis will be small. Some people don’t practice good oral hygiene when they have braces, but if you do, then when you get your braces off you will have lovely straight smile and healthy teeth. We hope that you will make the excellent decision to straighten your teeth with us, so please call our office to schedule an appointment.