Osteoporosis is a condition that affects the density of the bone mass. A reduced bone mass means that bones are debilitated and more susceptible to fractures. Now, even though the teeth are not bones, they can feel the effect of Osteoporosis indirectly.

Tooth Composition

Understanding what composes the tooth will help you comprehend how Osteoporosis may or may not affect your teeth. A tooth has four major layers. Firstly, we have the enamel which is the outer covering of the tooth. It is the hard tissue on the crown of the tooth and it is not made up of any living cell. Below the enamel is the cementum. The sole purpose of the cementum is to protect the root of the tooth. Underneath the cementum is the dentin. The dentin provides structure to the interior parts of the tooth. The innermost layer is the pulp. The pulp is what constitutes the nerves and the blood vessels. Bones on the other hand are mostly calcium phosphate and collagen. Bones and teeth may have shared characteristics but their genetic makeup is not entirely the same.

Point of contact for Osteoporosis and the teeth

Osteoporosis affects the jawbone. As the bone mass and density reduce, so is the jawbone weakened so that it no longer provides the necessary support to the gums and the teeth. When the support is tampered with, you may begin to notice your teeth losing stability and eventually falling off due to lack of support. Jawbone changes automatically translate to misalignment of teeth which brings about a whole lot of other oral complications. The best thing you can do is to ensure that you prioritize the health of your bones and teeth. Increase your calcium intake to guard against breakages and enfeebled enamel. Eating a balanced diet is key in fighting against Osteoporosis and the effects it could have on your teeth. Over and above, maintaining proper dental hygiene is the best resistance in the fight against Osteoporosis. Our doctors will work with you to help address any oral concerns arising due to Osteoporosis. You need not fear anymore. Feel free to book a consultation with us today. We accept walk-in clients as well.