In the past, it was so hard to spot an adult putting on dental braces; braces were reserved for children. The cost too of these braces for adults and kids is almost the same. The only question, therefore, is what is the healing time for braces for adults? This along with other answers related to dental braces will see you make the right decision on whether to opt for them or choose another dental treatment option for your oral issue.Just like teenagers, adults want to know the specific time they should be in braces but this is not a one-size-fits-all question. It varies because all dental cases are unique to the patient and treatment could take a couple of months, some cases may take even 3 years to heal. Various factors impact the orthodontic treatment time.

Factors that Affect the Healing time While on Braces

Various things can dictate the healing time for braces or the time it takes braces to correct your bite issue. Below are some of the things.


It is common for orthodontic treatment to take a little longer in adults than in children. In children, the treatment period will take a short time because their jaws are still young and growing. Their teeth are still moving hence they shift position and onto the desired place. This is not the case with adults, hence the healing process will often take longer.

The Severity of the Case

Since all cases are different, it may take a few months to correct a basic case like a crooked tooth. Some patients however have very complex cases that would require a little more time to fix. Such patients will have to be in their dental braces for longer periods. Braces don’t only fix crooked teeth but go a long way to fix linked dental issues such as abnormal loss of tooth enamel, gum loss, tooth decay, jaw pain, and headaches. Most severe cases can take even 36 weeks.At our dental clinic, we address many dental issues using dental braces. Please call us today, and we shall address your concerns about dental braces for children and adults.