When you choose Senestraro Family Orthodontics to get your braces, you can rest easy, we serve our patients for life.  Beginning with your first treatment, until years after your braces have completed your healthy, beautiful, smile, we’re always here to answer questions and help out with any need that arises.Occasionally, particularly during orthodontic treatment, those needs can be pretty urgent. If you experience discomfort, pain, or just have questions, you can count on us to be there for you.Call us right away if you ever experience:

Wires poking

With all our experience, a wire poking our patients’ sensitive gum or oral mucosa almost never happens. But due to the unique shape of each one of our mouths and the accommodations of orthodontic equipment, occasionally, a wire may be at an uncomfortable angle.We provide all our patients with comfort tools like orthodontic wax, and you may want to take this first step to see if the discomfort can be mitigated in the comfort of your home. If this isn’t successful, our team may be able to “tuck in” the wire to a better position or clip it shorter.

Bracket loose

While we use the highest quality materials, every once in a while a glued bracket finds its way to getting loose. If this happens, call our office right away to make an appointment for our team to glue it back. The bracket can be removed and stored in an envelope, or, if you prefer, the bracket can stay in place if it is not irritating.A little bracket safety tip: avoid biting directly into hard crunchy foods like apples, or eating sticky chewy treats like caramels. Cut up your apple during your orthodontic treatment, and avoid caramel entirely!

Dental discomfort

Mild discomfort in your teeth is pretty common after your wires have been changed or your orthodontic appliance is adjusted. This pain is totally normal and should go away after one to three days.Over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophin are useful in combating mild pain related to an orthodontic adjustment. In addition, try
And absolutely, if you are experiencing discomfort that it not managed by an over-the-counter medication or discomfort that persists beyond three days, please call our office!

Escaped wire

Eating hard or chewy foods can sometimes cause a wire to bend or sneak out of the back brace in your orthodontic equipment, causing discomfort and compromising your equipment’s powers at straightening smiles! If your wire comes out of a back brace, call for an appointment so we can fix it as soon as possible.And again, be sure to eat foods that play nicely with orthodontic equipment! This not only saves you discomfort, but it ensures that you’re getting the best orthodontic treatment.

Call us anytime

If one of these events, or something else, occurs, please call us anytime for advice, information, or an appointment. We are here for you to make your orthodontic treatment the best experience!