A lot of people coming to our dental office will ask why they need to get braces and how long they have to wear them. Braces help align your teeth and jaw, and correct problems of gapping and overbites. However, each patient is unique, and so is the duration of wearing braces. And while the duration it takes for braces to perform their job varies greatly by patients, once our orthodontist does an evaluation, he or she will help you understand the time you may need to wear them.

Things That Affect the Duration of Wearing Braces

Some of the aspects that determine the amount of time you wear braces include the extent of misalignment, your age, type of treatment, and pre-existing skeletal and dental issues. You could have an issue as simple as a small adjustment or as major as realignment of the jaw. A young patient needing teeth alignment may require a shorter duration than an adult needing the same treatment. The reason is that in kids or teenagers, their teeth and jawbone are still developing, meaning that it is easier to adjust or align them. In adults, the bone and teeth have already developed, so it will take more time to move them.

So What is the Ideal Duration?

On average, orthodontic treatment will last for about 12 to 18 months, however, it can at times go up to 24 months. In cases of adults, the appropriate length of time tends to be much longer compared to kids and teens. Again, the exact time varies depending on the specific needs of the patients. Since adult teeth are no longer growing, they need more pressure to move them, meaning a majority of adult patients will look to wear braces anywhere from 18 months to 36 months. That being said, some kids may have to wear braces longer, especially if they require tooth extraction because they have to wait for others to erupt and start growing. Once you have received your braces, you can shorten the time you have to wear them by following the instructions our orthodontist offers you. Maintain proper oral hygiene. In the case of removable aligners, wear them as prescribed by the orthodontist. To learn more about braces and understand the time it takes for them to shift the teeth, come to our dental office for a consultation.