How to avoid baby bottle tooth decay

Baby bottle tooth decay or infant carries is a common occurrence among infants or young children. It occurs when the child is exposed to sugary substances for extended periods of time. A common picture is during their bedtime or nap time because most mothers and caregivers allow the child to sleep with their feeding bottles in their mouth suckling milk or juice. Did you know that even breastmilk has natural sugars that could introduce carries to your child? Allowing your child to sleep while breastfeeding for a prolonged time while still in their sleep could pose a danger to your child in the long run.

The feeding bottle is not a pacifier

See to it that you do not make it a routine for the child to only fall asleep when they have the feeding bottle. If the culture is inculcated early enough, it will be of greater advantage to you and your child in the long run. The danger of sleeping with the feeding bottle is that the sugars in the milk and juice get stuck on the teeth and gums of the baby. When the sugars are broken down, they convert to acid that begins to eat away at the enamel. However, in the event that the child cannot go to sleep without the feeding bottle, consider filling the bottle with water instead of milk or juice. From around six months of age, you can teach your baby to drink from a cup.

Cleaning the baby’s teeth

You should clean your baby’s teeth as soon as they begin to grow. At the onset, you may not use a toothbrush and toothpaste just yet. They are still too young and could swallow the paste mistakenly. Start by cleaning the gums and teeth with a soft and moistened washcloth. You clean by gently wiping down at least two times a day. If possible, have your baby rinse their mouth with water after every feeding session and before bedtime. Make our pediatric dental experts your friend by booking a consultation right away.