Dental braces have proven to be efficient treatments for straightening teeth and bringing that desired smile. When patients get braces, they may quickly realize that taking care of teeth and braces will require some extra effort on their part. To ensure that your oral health is intact, here are some important tips for taking care of metal braces.

Cleaning Your Teeth With Braces

Traditional braces have designs that allow easy and trouble-free cleaning. With the right toothbrush, you should be brushing your teeth with braces as much as you did without braces. Since food particles can slip into the spaces between the braces and the teeth, you would require extra attention to those areas. Regular flossing of every tight space is also essential to keep your dental health in top shape.

Eating With Braces

Immediately you receive metal braces, your teeth may be sensitive for a few days following the procedure. During this time, you will have to eat soft meals that do not require hard chewing. Once this period is over, you can return to normal meals. However, you should avoid hard food that requires some heavy crunching. It is always best for you to eat with a fork and a knife, so that you can reduce how much you have to bite and cut chewy foods.

Regular Orthodontic Visits

While regular cleaning of braces is good, the best way to ensure that your braces are in good shape is to schedule and keep regular visits with our professionals. These appointments are necessary for us to ensure that these braces are doing their job, and your teeth are aligning as planned. Also, these visits would allow us to carry out dental exams and cleanings for those spaces you miss when cleaning at home. Taking care of braces should not be daunting, and our professionals are always on hand to answer your questions about getting braces or taking care of them.