While you are excited to begin the process of creating a beautiful smile, you may also be experiencing some nervousness. From handling soreness to preparing meals, we hope that this article will get you ready for the changes to your life that braces will bring about.

Preparing For the Big Day

Having braces placed can lead to some soreness and discomfort due to the fact that your teeth will be undergoing physical shifts in their positions, and your cheeks will be interacting with the braces. Over-the-counter pain medications are an excellent way to reduce some of this initial soreness as your teeth and gums get used to the pressure that your braces are applying. If your cheeks become bruised, try applying oral numbing gel to handle the discomfort; don’t worry, they will get tougher and better able to handle rubbing against the braces as time goes on. As you may have anticipated, some foods will be harder to eat with braces and are best avoided to reduce the probability of broken brackets and disconnected wires, among the types of products that you should avoid are viscous and sticky food that could pull on your brackets, hard candy and other foods (including ice) that might loosen or completely break off your brackets, foods that require you to bite into them which could break your brackets, and sugary foods that could get stuck around your braces and lead to cavities. Your mouth will be sore, so stock up on soft foods that don’t fall under the previously mentioned types of food; this will help ease your pain and reduce your urge to consume damaging food. It is important for your new braces to be placed onto teeth that are very clean and free of plaque/tarter, so make sure that you are brushing and flossing multiple times per day until your appointment. We hope that this information has eased your mind, and we look forward to helping you on your journey to a great smile.