Mouthguards are primarily used for two purposes, to prevent injury during sports and to prevent teeth grinding. Today, we’re going to look at both of these situations and see if a mouth guard is right for your child. There are always little crises’ that we as parents seem to deal with when it comes to our children. Scraped knees, bruised feelings, growing pains, and mood swings just to name a few. And while we handle these things with ease (usually) teeth grinding is an area that we can’t simply put a bandage on and fix with a kiss or a bedtime story. Teeth grinding is generally caused by stress and anxiety, but no one really knows for certain why some children grind their teeth and some do not. If you’ve sufficiently reduced the stress and created a calmer sleeping environment for your child and they are still grinding, it may be time to talk about a dental night guard.

The first step is to give us a call and let us examine your child’s teeth for damage. If we feel that a night guard is necessary, we will work with you to find the right fit.

Mouth Guard For Sports

We do get a lot of inquiries about what sports we recommend your child wear a mouthguard. It’s not just for football. Any child who participates in contact sports should invest in a mouth guard, but children who skateboard, mountain bike, or do gymnastics can also benefit from its protection.

By scheduling an appointment with our skilled staff, we can determine what kind of mouth guard will provide the best protection for your child’s teeth, even if they wear braces! We have everything from boil-and-bite mouth guards to custom-fitted protectors. After a thorough examination, we can work together with you to keep your child’s teeth safe. We look forward to hearing from you!