Adults that aren’t thrilled with their smiles have options for giving themselves the perfect smile, but some options are preferable to others. Depending on what type of dental problem you have, you may have some great choices to get your teeth straight and spaced correctly, even with braces.

Clear Braces

One of the best ways to minimize the look of braces is to opt for clear braces. Having clear braces means that the brackets which are cemented to the front of your teeth are made from clear plastic. They will be lighter and more difficult to see than the traditional metal brackets. If you opt for clear braces, the dentist will use very thin wire that is also difficult to see. You will be able to smile with confidence because you know that your braces are barely visible, and you’ll be sporting straight, perfectly spaced teeth soon. Another variation of clear braces is ceramic braces. With ceramic braces, your brackets are made of tooth-colored porcelain, which also makes them nearly invisible because they match the color of your teeth. Both clear and ceramic braces can be used for adults who have tooth spacing issues, bite (malocclusion) issues, or crowded teeth.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are great for adults because the braces are built behind your teeth rather than in front of your teeth. Due to braces being behind your teeth, they are nearly impossible to see. Like traditional braces, lingual braces are great for adults who have poorly spaced teeth, bite issues, or crowded teeth. If you opt for lingual braces, keep in mind that you will need to clean them well after each meal or snack. Lingual braces are a bit more difficult to clean than traditional braces because of their location. If you are thinking about braces as an adult, your best bet is to consult with a dentist or orthodontist who can look at your X-rays and suggest the best option for you.