You probably have experienced teeth sensitivity at some point in your life. This happens mostly when taking very cold or hot substances. Other times it can be when you take in cold air such as very early in the morning. Teeth sensitivity most often feels like a mild form of pain or discomfort in response to triggering stimuli in temperature.

Key pointers and causes of teeth sensitivity

Pain in either one or adjacent teeth either as you bite, chew, or breathe is a common indicator of teeth sensitivity. There are many causes for teeth sensitivity. Tooth decay is top of the list. Cavities weaken the enamel that protects the tooth which triggers damage to the pulp and the nerves in the inner structure of the tooth. Brushing the teeth too roughly can also damage the teeth and cause the nerve to become overly sensitive. Bruxism or teeth grinding especially at night can distort the jawbone leading to teeth misalignment and sensitivity. Over and above, failure to maintain good oral hygiene may predispose you to tartar accumulation and eventually too much tooth sensitivity due to increased bacteria and acid in the oral cavity.

Treatment interventions

The first step to take if your teeth are overly sensitive and painful is to see our dental experts right away. It is crucial that our doctors identify the root cause of hypersensitivity at the earliest convenience. If it so happens that the sensitivity is due to cavities, gingivitis, or fractures the doctors can either opt for extractions or root canals to alleviate the pain and discomfort. Sealants are another viable treatment option. Sealants are applied on the teeth in a series of applications until teeth sensitivity is gone. At home, remedies include using fluoridated toothpaste tailor-made to address teeth sensitivity. Additionally, in the case of tooth grinding wearing a night guard will protect the teeth against the pressure that causes constant sensitivity. Consider using a toothbrush with soft bristles that do not cause too much abrasion. Circular tender motions while brushing are recommended instead of the rough side-to-side movements that are rather abrasive. Sign up with us today and let us help you get rid of all that teeth sensitivity.