It’s no secret that people can’t wait for their braces to come off so they can feel the smooth texture of their teeth again. It might seem like a nightmare to go back to orthodontics after spending more than a year wearing them to rectify your teeth. If you are wondering why you need to wear retainers after having your braces removed, then there are various benefits of retainers that you should be aware about.

Benefits Of Wearing Retainers

People are skeptical about wearing retainers after braces coming off because they believe that it is going to be uncomfortable all over again. Our experts would like people to know that retainers are nothing like braces. They are neither invasive nor permanent. They are removable and a lot simpler to get used to as compared to braces. You can take them off while you are eating or sleeping so you can experience maximum comfort with your newly aligned teeth. Wearing retainers for at least a year after having your braces removed is highly recommended because when your teeth are aligned with the help of braces, they shift from their original position to their new position. Once this is done, it takes a while for the teeth to get used to their new position and there could be a chance that they could go back to their old position if they are not held in place. This is where retainers play a vital role. Retainers help to keep your teeth in place and your jaw to permanently shape around those teeth so they do not go back to their original position. Braces do take a while to get used to and while it may not be the most comfortable year of your life, it is always better when it pays off in the long run. Retainers ensure you are taking that extra step for your teeth to stay aligned and beautiful. If you have questions about retainers, get in touch with our experts and they will fill you in.