There is a stereotype that people do not like coming to the dentist. However, the alternative can be much worse than someone staring into your mouth and reminding you to floss more often. Everyone should floss more often by the way. If you don’t floss or come see us regularly, you may require surgical extraction at some point. Aside from tooth complications, certain life events may require surgical extraction as well.

Tooth Problems

Gum disease, tooth decay, and overcrowding are situations where teeth may need to be extracted. When teeth push against each other, otherwise known as being impacted, teeth can become more vulnerable to infections, swelling, and bleeding. Plaque or tartar build-up eats the enamel in your teeth and in really bad cases, extraction is necessary in order to fight against further damage to the mouth.

Life Events Impact Teeth

Braces, getting hit in the mouth hard enough, and certain surgeries would require surgical extraction. As braces shift teeth into their proper placement, certain teeth would need to be extracted to make more space. Getting hit in the mouth by blunt force trauma, like a brick to the face, could damage a tooth beyond repair and surgery might be required. Surgeries that require a long time to complete and recover from would require any compromised teeth to be extracted in order to maintain the health of the mouth. Protecting your face from outside injury goes hand in hand with protecting it from inside damage. Proper headgear and a mouthpiece are essential to protecting the mouth during rigorous activity. Taking care of your teeth and regularly scheduled appointments are essential to protecting the mouth from inflammation. By not making regularly scheduled visits you run the chance of losing the smile that greets the world. Contact us for more information or call our office for further details.