Brackets come with dental braces that help straighten and align teeth. These appliances position teeth correctly and help improve your smile and bite. After getting your braces, taking good care of them is very important. One way of doing so is by cleaning them thoroughly on a daily basis. Here are ways you can clean brackets and braces.


Just like your permanent teeth, it is important to floss your braces on a regular basis. Flossing should be used alongside brushing for the best results. As much as brushing does a good job in getting rid of debris stuck in your braces, flossing will ensure no single particle is left. This is why it is important to floss at least once daily. It is even better to floss after every meal because food particles get stuck in your braces after eating.

Use Fluoride Treatments

You can also clean your braces by using fluoride treatments. In most cases, fluoride is used to prevent cavities and keep teeth clean. When you come in for dental cleaning, a big part of the cleaning process involves applying a fluoride treatment. With or without braces, these treatments are very important for your oral health. Brushing and flossing can be a little bit challenging when wearing braces; hence, the possibility of leftover food particles. Fluoride treatments help clean every part of your mouth, getting rid of all the bacteria that flossing and brushing might have missed.

Avoid Certain Foods

Taking good care of your braces doesn’t stop at cleaning. You should avoid eating foods that could easily undo your cleaning efforts. For instance, sugary foods could lead to the formation of bacteria that could not only damage your teeth but also affect your braces. Visit our offices for more practical ways of cleaning your braces.