Do you need braces? Do you want to wear them without showing a bunch of metal in your mouth? If you are an older teen or adult, this may be a concern for you, especially socially. You do have options in this respect, one of which are lingual braces.

What Are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces make it possible to keep your teeth straightening secret as they fit on the back of the teeth. Therefore, no one will know that you are wearing them. Each bracket must be fitted and customized, based on the impression of your teeth. This is important, as the sizing must be precise when we are placing the braces on your back teeth. This makes it possible for you to feel more comfortable when these braces are worn. When you wear the braces, you may have some difficulties speaking at first because of the braces’ location.

What Are Some Complications?

Lingual braces may cause a patient some complications if they have a deep overbite. This type of bite can increase the pressure on the brackets, which can cause the braces to detach. Like most braces, lingual braces may cause soreness too. Therefore, your tongue may feel sore when you are talking or eating. However, don’t despair, as the pain will gradually fade the longer you wear the braces. You also will not experience as many difficulties if you are careful about what you eat. Don’t eat crunchy, hard, or sticky foods, as they can make cleaning a chore and damage your braces. If you feel this might present a problem, you may want to explore another straightening option, such as Invisalign.To get the desired results, you will usually wear lingual braces for about one or two years. Also, keep in mind that the cost of lingual braces is higher than traditional braces. We can answer any other orthodontic questions you may have. Give our team of orthodontic professionals a call with any inquiries today.