Many parents are worried about the health of their babies. They may take them to the doctor regularly for checkups, but forget the dentist. Taking your baby to the dentist is important because it ensures that your child will grow up with good oral health. Oral health factors into your child’s overall well-being and avoiding the dentist could lead to some complications. For most children, visiting the dentist should start between 6 months and 1 year old. At this time, your child’s dental health rapidly develops. Keeping a good eye on it will help them avoid any complications in the future. Another reason children should start seeing us this early is that we can aid you in making sure their teeth stay healthy. Around this time, children need to start forming good, life-long dental habits, which you need to help at home with.

Other Reasons to Bring Your Child to Our Office

Besides forming good habits, bringing your child to our dentistry provides other benefits. One of those benefits is forming a healthy relationship with us. We often see children who are afraid of the dentist on their first visit. If you make visiting us a normal occurrence, you can expect your child to be happier when they come for a visit. Another benefit is that we are able to see your child develop. Many conditions in children begin in their mouth. We are able to check your child to make sure they are developing properly and may be able to help your child avoid complications in the future. If your child is ready for their first dentist visit, give us a call. We have experience caring for children of all ages, and we’d be happy to help you. While you’re here, we can even give you some tips on how to care for your child’s teeth.