Many American adults suffer from malocclusions or issues with their bites. In fact, 65% of American adults have bite issues. If you have never heard of malocclusions, here is some information on bite issues and how they are repaired.

Types of Bite Problems

There are three types of bite issues that can occur. Overbite is the most common type of malocclusion adults and teenagers have. In an overbite, your top teeth come down too far over your lower teeth. An underbite is when your upper teeth are behind your lower teeth when you bite down. Also, a Crossbite is where your teeth do not meet at the proper location when you bite down.

Why Are Crossbites So Hard to Treat?

Crossbites are difficult to treat at times because treating a crossbite is a long-term process. For example, you may have an upper jaw that is smaller than your lower jaw. Children whose jaws are still growing can be treated for a crossbite with a series of expanders to enlarge the upper jaw. Once the jaw is larger, a child can wear braces to fix the crossbite. What if you are an adult who needs to fix your crossbite? Adults can fix their crossbites as well, but it may be more difficult. Depending on the severity of your crossbite, you may need surgery, or you may need braces to fix your bite. No matter what you need to treat your malocclusion, you need to have your crossbite fixed, because it can lead to issues with your teeth and jaw joint.

Will I Have to Wear Braces with a Crossbite?

In most cases, people with a crossbite will need braces to correct the problem. Your teeth need to be moved into the correct positions in order to fix your crossbite. If you have a mild crossbite, you may qualify for clear aligners to fix your bite issues. If you aren’t sure how severe your crossbite is, you need a dental consult. Only a dentist will be able to tell you what you’ll need to fix your bite issues.