A well aligned set of teeth contributes largely to having a beautiful smile. Thankfully, people with misaligned teeth can use braces to correct their crookedness. Since it is best to treat orthodontic issues in childhood, knowing when to schedule your children for an orthodontic appointment is crucial.

What Are Braces?

Often made of metal, braces are a lasting solution for straightening and adjusting crooked teeth. Braces gently force the teeth into shape by putting pressure on them. Over time, the teeth slowly move in the right direction. Our professionals use braces when patients have overcrowded teeth, or when there is too much or not enough space between the teeth.

When Should You Get Braces?

While adults can get braces too, it is always best for children who require braces to get theirs as soon as they are approaching early adolescence. At this age, all their baby teeth would have fallen out with the adult teeth already set, but the soft tissues of their jawbones are still quite malleable and will respond easily to repositioning.

What Type Of Braces Should You Get?

Usually, traditional braces are the most common. While they are often from metal, different patients may require other types of braces. There are ceramic braces which are similar to the traditional braces. Made with ceramic materials, they are very similar to the color of your natural teeth. Hence, they are less obvious when worn. There are also plastic aligners that a patient can snap into place and also remove at any time. They are almost invisible as they are clear with no color hint. Getting the right type of braces is as important as getting braces at the right time. To learn more about braces and if you can benefit from them, please contact us to speak to our professionals today about your best option.