It is not uncommon for people to have teeth that are too crowded and as a result, painful and uncomfortable. This particular problem can have a number of secondary effects as well, along with many little inconveniences such as difficulty eating or chewing, and even being forced to often times have to breathe through the mouth. Overcrowded teeth can result in overbites, underbites, or crossbites, depending on the shape and direction of the overgrowth. The corrective treatments can also vary greatly as well, depending on the severity of the individual case. Here are the two basic sets of options for dealing with this issue:

Non-Invasive Procedures

This would most likely be the route of treatment that most patients, as well as our dental professionals, would prefer to take in correcting an issue when at all possible. When the condition is minor enough to warrant a non-surgical form of therapy, there are a few different possibilities that might be effective. These include such options as braces or retainers, or even cosmetic recontouring. Although these are the most desirable choices, they are not always applicable.

Oral Surgery Procedures

In more complicated cases there may be no way around having to perform some type of surgical procedure, including extraction and removals. While this is not required in every single case, or even the majority of them, when it is necessary, it is important to have it done as soon as possible. The longer the wait, not only are you exposing yourself to more pain, but you are also increasing the chances of a more serious problem such as breaking one or doing some other type of tooth or mouth damage. To find out what specific options you have in dealing with overcrowded and painful teeth, contact one of our team members today to learn more about what our dental experts can do for you.