It is common to wonder what happens during your first orthodontic treatment. People of all ages tend to be very anxious about the treatment procedures expected. Ideally, the first treatment procedure is a good step toward achieving a beautiful smile. Here is an outline of things that you should expect:

Initial Consultation

During your first appointment with an orthodontist, they will examine the health of your jaws, facial structures, and teeth. The dental expert can request X-rays to help aid in the diagnosis of your condition. They can also take impressions of your teeth to assist in creating dental tools that are customized for your needs.

Discussion of Treatment Plans

After comprehensively evaluating your condition, the dental expert will discuss the best treatment option for you. They will explain the recommended approach, treatment time, and expected outcomes.

Final Treatment

Once an orthodontist perfectly understands your oral condition and what treatment option is best for you, they proceed to the final treatment procedure. They can either recommend the placement of braces, aligners, or brackets for your teeth. The treatment process starts with adequately cleaning your teeth, applying a bonding agent, and attaching dental tools.

Follow-up Visits

After your orthodontic treatment, you will be scheduled for regular follow-up visits. These visits are designed after a few weeks. During your appointment, an orthodontist can decide whether to adjust your braces and evaluate your progress. For the aligner treatment, your dental expert can recommend you receive a new set of aligners for adequate movement of your teeth. Orthodontic treatment is exceptionally fundamental for your oral and general health. It helps ensure your teeth are well aligned and you can properly maintain oral hygiene. An orthodontist also issues instructions on taking care of your teeth and cleaning your aligners and braces effectively.