If your bite is off, you, no doubt, will need to have it corrected. Night gear, or an extra-oral appliance that is worn at night while you sleep, is sometimes needed for severe problems with misalignment.

Will Night Gear Be Needed?

We will assess the patient’s bite to determine if night gear, or headgear, will be necessary. This orthodontic aid is worn on the outside to support the work of the braces. Usually, we suggest headgear or night gear to realign the jaw so the teeth come together properly. It may also be used, in some cases, to help with the movement of the molars, or back teeth. If a large gap in the bite needs to be closed, wearing headgear at night exerts added force on the teeth to support a better outcome. It can also speed up treatment time. By using night gear, we can correct certain malocclusions that affect the patient aesthetically and dentally.

Types of Malocclusions that Benefit from Wearing Night Gear or Headgear

A Class 2 bite, or overbite (called a retrognathism), and a Class 3 underbite (prognathism), can both benefit from the correction headgear provides. A retrognathism represents a bite where the upper front teeth overlap the bottom front teeth to an excessive degree. A Class 3 bite, or underbite, occurs when the lower front teeth and jaw protrude out from the upper front teeth. Headgear or night gear may also be used to correct a malocclusion, such as a crossbite (where one or more teeth fit inside the teeth on the lower jaw), or an overjet, commonly referred to as buck teeth. Sometimes a malocclusion co-exists with another malocclusion, or a crossbite and overbite may both be diagnosed.Wearing night gear is essential to prevent problems with TMJ or issues that affect the health of the teeth. If the teeth do not come together as they should, a severe bite problem can be corrected by using headgear, or an extraoral orthodontic aid at night. Find out more about the orthodontic treatments we provide. Always make the care and functioning of your teeth and gums a priority. Give us a call today for an orthodontic consultation.