Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that come in for the majority of people. They are located in the back of your mouth on the top and bottom. Much of the population needs their wisdom teeth removed at some point during their life. This could be in their early teens, but it’s common for young adults to need them removed as well. Wisdom teeth pose a few problems for people. First, they have the ability to change the position of the teeth already inside the mouth. This can cause an uneven bite. Second, wisdom teeth have the ability to cause gum infections. This is because when wisdom teeth are coming in, they often create flaps in the gums that can’t be properly cleaned through flossing and brushing. Besides these problems, wisdom teeth also cause problems for people with braces.

How Wisdom Teeth Affect Braces

If you are currently wearing braces and have wisdom teeth coming in, you may face some minor problems. The above-mentioned problems may be likely to occur. This is partly because not everyone’s wisdom teeth come in the same way. While a small percentage of people are fine without removing their wisdom teeth while wearing braces, many people aren’t. Wisdom teeth that come in properly don’t inherently cause braces to malfunction. However, wisdom teeth that are impacted can. If you currently have braces and feel your wisdom teeth are coming in, it is important to get an expert opinion. While wisdom teeth may not ruin your braces, these cases are quite small. Please contact our office if you have wisdom teeth coming in while wearing braces. We can set up a consultation to make sure your braces aren’t in jeopardy. Generally, we can remove wisdom teeth while someone is wearing braces.