Jaw reconstruction surgery is a surgery that aims to correct the alignment of the jaw along with aiding in symmetry. This surgery is often opted for when correction of the problem fails even after trying orthodontics

Indications Of Jaw Reconstruction Surgery

This surgery is ideal for individuals who possess facial injuries and certain birth defects that have caused deformity to the jawline. It is also ideal for temporomandibular joint disorders and other jawline problems. For individuals who have an open bite (a condition where the molars touch, but the incisors do not), any condition whereby the lips do not close fully and correctly as well as to make biting and chewing seamless. Additionally, this surgery can help where there are problems with speech and swallowing. It has also been shown to be beneficial for people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.

What To Expect During The Surgery

A few months pre-operatively, our surgeons will visualize your teeth and jaws through x-rays, computed tomography and bone scans. This is all in a bid to better create a tooth alignment that would fit perfectly with your oral cavity. Once established, the doctor may place you in braces and other holding devices to align your teeth and prepare for surgery. Often times, this process alone may remove the need for the reconstructive surgery. This typically takes about 11 months to a year. Just before the surgery, any braces that you have may be removed and our dental surgeons may need to admit you in the hospital. This process is done under general anesthesia and in-patient care may be required. During the procedure, our doctor may reshape your teeth or crown them for a better fit into the mouth. There may be need to remove some portion of the jaw bone or add to it. In which case, a bone graft will work just fine. This surgery is largely done inside the oral cavity and there is no risk of facial scars or deformities. Healing involves inpatient care, care of the surgical site, pain medications and antibiotics. Healing will be done in around 4 weeks, give or take. Ultimately jaw reconstruction surgery gives a second chance and a better smile. Call us to find out more.