Perhaps one thing that bothers you when it comes to straightening your bite is the timeline for achieving results. You may have to wear braces for a year, two, or even more before you can get a straighter smile. Now, that may be a thing of the past as a new orthodontic technology referred to as Fastbraces is offering a safe, fast, and affordable system to improve your smile. If you are seeking to have a more radiant, dazzling straight smile, you may consider Fastbraces as a treatment option.

What is Fastbraces and How does it Work?

Fastbraces is a bite straightening system that uses the same concept as the traditional braces. It shifts and moves teeth into alignment in a similar way to traditional braces. However, unlike conventional braces where our dentist places an entire set of brackets on the teeth and wires threaded in your mouth, Fastbraces deploy a simplified system. Fastbraces features triangular brackets fitted onto the teeth. These brackets are secured to a square-like wire extending down to reach the roots of the teeth. The main difference between Fastbraces and traditional braces is found in the square-like wire of the Fastbraces. The traditional braces work to move teeth in two steps. In one step, the regular braces move the top part of the teeth. In the second step, the braces move the roots of the teeth. It is for this reason that you have the traditional braces taking too long to shift and move teeth. Fastbraces, on the other hand, deploy their system in a way that the entire two-step process becomes a single process. Fastbraces move the crown and the roots of teeth at once, meaning the whole tooth is moved at once. By doing so, the Fastbraces system is able to move teeth faster. You don’t have to wait for years. To learn more about Fastbraces, talk to our dental team. Contact us now to see why Fastbraces are changing the experience of straightening a bite.