Dental insurance is not part of medical insurance coverage. Instead, it is an optical plan that can be purchased separately, and it does not work exactly like medical insurance. It is a policy that helps cover the services administered in a dental office for monthly premiums. When considering braces for yourself or your children, the cost may be a concern, which is why it’s essential to find out whether part or all of the cost might be covered by dental insurance.

Varying Coverage Plans from Different Insurers

Coverage varies from plan to plan due to different companies or insurance. Some cover preventive care and partial restoration treatment, and at the same time, others may have more extensive coverage.

Companies from the private sector may cover some of the cost of braces, such as the procedure itself, and require you to settle the remaining fee. However, it is advised when shopping for a dental plan to compare the features and benefits to see if braces are included.

Will Braces be Covered?

Most likely, the dental insurance plan you have will cater for at least a portion of the cost you incur for your orthodontic treatment or your child’s orthodontic care. Remember that not all insurance plans feature coverage for braces or other orthodontic treatments. The long-term benefits of receiving orthodontic treatment can be both emotional and physical. Braces and Invisalign aligners are able to fix many oral issues that go beyond proper jaw alignments like underbites or overbites, and teeth-related issues like crooked, crowded, and misaligned teeth. Poor alignment of a smile reduces incidents of gum disease, tooth decay, abnormal teeth wearing, and jaw pain or pressure. Insurance companies consider these aspects when deciding on whether to cover or not cover orthodontic treatment.

Braces Coverage for Children

For parents who have kids aged 18 years and younger, insurance companies offer an option to purchase dental insurance that meets the Affordable Care Act’s or ACA’s criteria. Braces coverage for children can be covered by the use of their parent’s insurance plan, according to the ACA. For more information regarding braces insurance, visit us.