You may wonder whether you need to extract your wisdom teeth before obtaining braces. The correct response is conditional on specifics. It may be required to have wisdom teeth extracted before braces are placed.

Do You Need To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted Before Getting Braces

Generally, people get wisdom teeth (or third molars) between 17 and 25. Not everyone has enough room for their adult teeth, which may lead to them being impacted or wedged below the gum line. It’s very uncommon for wisdom teeth to become impacted, which may cause discomfort, infection, and even harm to neighboring teeth. Your orthodontist may advise you to have your wisdom teeth extracted before obtaining braces if they are causing you problems. The added force exerted by braces on your teeth might irritate a painful wisdom tooth. These issues may be avoided, and optimal results from orthodontic treatment can be achieved by extracting wisdom teeth before braces. Yet, there are situations in which you may maintain your wisdom teeth and wear braces. Your orthodontist may advise you to keep your wisdom teeth if they have completely erupted and are not affecting your oral health. Talking to your dentist and orthodontist may help you determine what treatment is best for you. Finally, if you have wisdom teeth and are thinking about getting braces, it’s crucial to talk to your dentist and orthodontist about whether or not they need to be extracted. It is best to have any impacted wisdom teeth extracted before beginning orthodontic treatment to reduce the risk of complications.

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